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Topics to include in “the conversation” with aging parents

Having “the conversation” with aging parents is an important step in ensuring that whatever care they may need in the future meets their wishes. In this video, Eva provides  17 vital questions that should be addressed in any discussion with parents concerning their preferences for care as they grow older.  

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Right sizing for retirement community living–a journey from dread to joy

Relocating to a retirement community almost always requires seniors to pare down their possessions, a process generally called “downsizing.” Relocation consultants prefer the term “rightsizing,” but some who are contemplating the process often refer to it as “dread.” “Downsizing is tough, because you have an emotional attachment to your stuff,” said Alex Dessler, a resident …

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W.A.L.K. program encourages healthy lifestyle habits

Each new year ushers in resolutions to get in shape. You can find an abundance of tips and advice for people under age 65, but many folks over that age can’t see how it applies to them. Their reasoning against exercise can include “too old;” “too disabled” or “too much risk of a fall.” Nancy …

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