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Crestview offers 5 specialties in short- and long-term rehabilitation therapy which are invaluable in helping our residents return to function quickly and well. Physical therapy regains strength, mobility and balance. Occupational therapy improves the performance of everyday tasks. Speech therapy enhances eating and swallowing skills in addition to spoken communication. IV therapy is for the application of large doses of antibiotics to bypass the stomach. Wound care promotes the optimum healing of all topical injuries.


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Rehabilitation is usually prescribed following an injury, surgery or illness (e.g., frozen shoulder) that would heal faster or more thoroughly from new muscle memory, strength training, antibiotic IV therapy or other treatment. Rehabilitation, normally provided under the auspices of Short-term Skilled Nursing, can range from weeks to months and successfully concludes when all treatment goals are met and the resident is released to return home. At Crestview, services are provided on-site up to 5 days per week by a team of registered nurses, nurse practitioners and certified specialists whose expertise includes:

  • Cardiac care
  • Joint replacement
  • Orthopedics
  • Pain management
  • Neurologic recovery
  • Stroke recovery

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Rehabilitation FAQ

Each team starts with the resident and includes a doctor, nurse, dietician, social worker, family members (as the resident is able and willing to approve), plus the therapists who will direct and provide care, partner with the resident and work with the family members.

Whereas both occupational and physical therapy work to restore strength and mobility, occupational therapy focuses on helping adapt to the resident’s social and physical environment. This typically includes training or retraining the resident on how to dress, bathe, eat and groom; memory, orientation and cognitive integration; and on maintaining normal joint movement to reduce the effects of arthritis or other conditions.

A major concern that sometimes arises with aging is a diminished ability to effectively communicate and — and it’s often related — swallowing dysfunction. Speech therapy treats both. Our skilled speech and language pathologists create treatment plans that address each resident’s specific abilities, provide precise exercises and other tactics and when appropriate, offer diet recommendations in support of the treatment plan medical recommendations.