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5 Reasons Why Residents Feel Lucky to Live at Arbor Oaks

1. Friendships
“I feel lucky to live at Arbor Oaks because of the friendships and fellowship here. Gosh, it makes life easy, but the friendships are the number one reason!” –Wanda Greer

Two female Arbor Oaks residents smiling

2. Staff
“It’s a blessing to be here. After getting married, this was the best decision we’ve ever made. I don’t think you’d find a place with better people. From maintenance, to housekeeping, to dining, and leadership… everyone is so great.” Ed and Arlene Richardson

3. Lifestyle
“There are so many activities always going on that we can stay busy doing what we choose all day. We’ve also been able to make friends with people we never would have met otherwise. There are people here from all different walks of life. In my experience, this is a unique place.” –Jamey Tanner

Arbor Oaks residents dancing

4. Worry Free Living
“You move in here, and you leave all your worries behind because they take care of them all for you… no maintenance or housekeeping and you only worry about yourself!” –Martin Vavra

5. Atmosphere
“The atmosphere here… that’s a big thing. They’ve formed an atmosphere here where everyone is helpful and gets along even with so many different backgrounds. There are folks here with all different education levels and experiences and it doesn’t matter. We’re all the same, and it’s great.” –Ronnie McCown

Arbor Oaks residents at a dining table

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