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Memory Support: Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care in Bryan, TX

What to do?

memory support: A good answer

A good answer.

When it’s your loved one, we know how much you care and hurt. And we’re here for both of you. You’re not alone, and we’ll help you find your way forward. We’re skilled and caring providers of the services and programs that improve quality of life for those who have Alzheimer’s or other forms of age-related dementia. And our commitment to you is this: You and yours are in the eye of our sincere and professional care.

Arbor Oaks residents have priority access to Memory Support. Greater Bryan nonresidents are also invited to live here, space permitting. At Crestview, we’ve served thousands of seniors in a Christian environment since opening our doors in 1970 — which simply means that we’re now ready to help you.

We’ve built a Crestview Memory Support program using materials that elicit memories or bear a sense of familiarity to our residents. Exercises encourage repetitive muscle memory as well as all the senses, not just the eyes. We try to understand the whole person — physical, intellectual and spiritual — and find activities they find meaningful. It’s unremitting personal attention, and when we get it right, and a resident’s face lights up for the first time in years, for everyone in the room, it’s suddenly a very, very good day.

Memory Support: Hand in Hand Training

Hand in Hand Training

Minimizing independence through individualized assistance, our Hand in Hand Training is evident in our programs and activities that help each resident find his or her way through each day with less strain and more joy.

  • Staff members respect residents’ dignity, increasing their self-esteem
  • Staff training includes how-tos of resident interaction, reducing behavior concerns and controlling medication needs
  • Staff members learn each resident’s history and incorporate the knowledge into daily life
  • Families can track their loved one’s progress via regular reviews
  • Support groups connect families to share concerns
  • Residents’ improvements in sleep, nutrition and hydration can often improve relations with family members



Now we know how those who have Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia can reconnect with their worlds with music. Music calms the chaos of brain activity. It sharpens focus. And that’s why the Music & Memory program is a key component of our Memory Support program. Plus, residents love it.

Services & Amenities

Taking good care also includes necessities such as:

  • Assistance with personal care
  • Chef-prepared meals and snacks
  • Individualized social activities
  • Medication administration
  • On-site 24/7 licensed nursing staff
  • Safe and secure environment

Learn more.

Find out more about Memory Support costs for current Arbor Oaks and Crestview residents — or for those in the community or anywhere in the U.S. who seek our care. To ask questions or start a private conversation, contact us.


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