Wellness The Crossings

Grow strong. Live well. Our monthly calendars provide plenty of choices.

Four little words encapsulate a unique whole-person approach to wellness. People often get stronger when they join this community. And new strength means new opportunities. Some active adults take up new sports they’ve always yearned to try. Some pour their passion into travel and touring. Some lifelong Aggie residents — among them, former yell leaders — have found new, often quieter ways to support A&M in addition to Arbor Oaks-sponsored events. All these activities, in turn, support emotional and spiritual as well as physical wellness and bond our residents in ties of friendship.

Our program committee is run by the residents, and your choice of on-site activities range alphabetically from aerobics (water) to woodworking. Want proof? Check out our current calendar. You can find your peace and quiet, and you can also find the big brass band of opportunities, metaphorically-speaking. Olly olly oxen free! It’s Arbor Oaks senior living: Grow strong, live well! Come see!