Whole you

Whole you.

Grow strong. Live well

WEllness redefined.

The word wellness is often shrunken to mean a fitness plan or exercise routine. But not around here, that’s only a small piece of the puzzle. At Arbor Oaks, when we say wellness, we are referring to one’s spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, occupational, and social wellbeing. It’s a whole-person approach. It’s no surprise then, people often get stronger when they join this community. Why? Well, God says in Genesis, “It is not good for man to be alone.” It’s simple, there is something powerful about finding companionship within a community. This new strength may look like improved balance after ditching a sedentary lifestyle, a brightened outlook with more reasons to smile more often, an engaged social calendar with a bunch of friends, each with new stories, interests and hobbies to learn from. It all boils down to 4 words- fully engaged in life! Now that’s wellness!

Our program committee is run by the residents which means their fingerprints are all over the calendar of offerings. Don’t see something that peaks your interest? No problem, we can fix that in no time! Speak up and you’ll quickly see how nimble our team can be when it comes to meeting the needs of residents. You’ll likely see your interests and hobbies reflected in the next calendar.

myth busting time

Myth: I’m not very fit, I won’t be able to participate in exercise classes. Or… I am more advanced in my fitness routine; I won’t find the classes to be challenging enough.

Truth: Fitness classes at Arbor Oaks are specifically designed to meet the needs of seniors with varying abilities. For example, a class may offer modifications for those who wish to exercise from their chair while those who wish to stand may have an alternate movement to challenge them accordingly.

Myth: I won’t have any privacy if I live in a retirement community. 

Truth: You can have as much privacy as you wish. If you appreciate occasional solitude, you can have it galore! And yet, you will also have a world of support and friendship outside your door when you are ready to engage. And remember, you can have as much or as little as you want. 

Myth: The chapel services are for Methodists only.

Truth: Actually, you’ll find that a variety of local faith communities contribute to our chapel services along with our very own Chaplain who delivers a non-denominational approach to services. Additionally, we extend opportunities for various faiths to practice their own rituals and traditions within our spiritual care program. 

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