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People will talk.

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Ed and Arlene Richardson

We moved into Arbor Oaks on Feb 11, 2013 – the first residents in the door! Everything went smoothly with our long-awaited move, and we spent our first night in our new “forever” home. It has been our “home” ever since. We feel very blessed to be here and have enjoyed getting to know each member of our Arbor Oaks family. We attend the exercise classes faithfully and feel we are stronger and healthier now, than when we lived by ourselves! We have never regretted our decision for this last phase of our lives and look forward to all the happiness being in Arbor Oaks can provide.

- Ed and Arlene Richardson, residents
Annette Long

Being a part of Arbor Oaks has made the transition of living in an “old-fashioned-home” to living in an active community an easy one. Friendships develop and positive living styles exist to make all residents feel both secure and happy.

- Annette Long, resident
Elizabeth Williamson

What I enjoy most about Arbor Oaks are the wonderful friends I’ve made and the way they lifted me up after my husband of 66 years passed away. Being able to spend precious time with my beautiful granddaughter Kari, as she works here at Crestview, is just another bonus!

- Elizabeth Williamson, resident
Eva Hutton

As the marketing director here at Crestview, I help people every day find their way through the senior living “maze”. What a totally different experience, as an adult child, having to do this with my own father! My dad, Donald Plunkett, came to live with us in Assisted Living, in October after being evacuated from Hurricane Harvey. Being able to just walk down the hallway to visit with him, is a wonderful feeling. Our staff has been so welcoming to him, and I truly feel he has found his “sweet spot.” If you ask him, he’ll tell you that “the food is good, and the people are even better!” We are so blessed to be a part of the Crestview family.

- Eva Hutton, marketing director, Crestview

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