Your tomorrow thanks you

Your tomorrow thanks you.

Life Care

LIFE CARE, a plan that makes sense for you, and your estate.

How can you protect yourself when the biggest challenge to your future is that you can’t know exactly what challenges you’ll face? Chances are, you will require some type of support services or healthcare as you age.  But what kind of care will you need and for how long?  How can you possibly budget for the unknown? The solution to your anxieties, your health care future, and your financial wellbeing is - Life Care.

The Concept's simple.

Come to Arbor Oaks, pay the entrance deposit (which is up to 90% refundable when you leave) and start paying the monthly fee (which is based on the residence you choose and covers most of your living costs — utilities, meal plan, maintenance, etc.). When you need assisted living, memory support or skilled nursing, your fee would then shift to the “equalized rate” (all Independent Living rates averaged) instead of the steep, market rate prices for the same care. Even as your care needs advance over time, your price remains equalized as you move through the continuum of care. Meanwhile, those outside of a Life Care contract are subject to paying more and more as care needs increase.

quality counts.

Crestview has one of the best reputations for health care in Texas, earned from thousands and thousands of residents for over well more than half a century. Crestview offers an unbeatable balance of experience, proven technology, and ICARE (integrity, compassion, accountability, respect, and excellence) commitment.  Securing a home at Arbor Oaks not only unlocks Life Care for superior estate protection, but you’ll also secure “guaranteed access” to the care when you need it.  That means, you not only have priority access to care, when we don’t have a space available for you when you need it, we promise to find accommodations for you (either bringing care directly into your apartment-home or at another top-quality community), on our dime, until we can make space for you.

dependability counts too.

No matter what happens in any legislature, you have Life Care’s promise, protection and predictability so your days can be worry-free and your sleep uninterrupted. Interested? Connect or come see how Life Care can give you something to depend on, even when you can’t predict the future.


Meet Monica.

Monica lives in a 1-bedroom Independent Living apartment home at Arbor Oaks. A life-long fitness guru, she’s active and happy, taking advantage of the lifestyle afforded her in this thriving community. She doesn’t give much thought to long-term health costs that could crop up someday. If she ever needs health services, she knows where she’ll get them (right here), and she’ll have a good idea of what they’ll cost.

Monica has Life Care.

If Monica ever needs to move into a skilled nursing suite, her monthly fee will be modified only slightly to a figure that’s the average of all Independent Living monthly fees otherwise called an “equalized rate.” Now, she won’t ever be subject to market rate pricing for care again. She did the math before she moved to Arbor Oaks, and she knows what she would pay for Skilled Nursing without Life Care would be much more than her rates with Life Care. “I’ll save thousands!” she realized. “Plus, my estate gets back as much as 90% of my entrance deposit when I leave Arbor Oaks.” She said the choice was easy: Arbor Oaks at Crestview with Life Care.

Meet Sherry and Chuck.

Sherry and Chuck also live at Arbor Oaks, with recreation, travel and great-grandchildren filling their independent lifestyle. They’ve planned well and made sure they were prepared for long-term health costs – just in case. And that’s why they have Life Care.

Chuck and Sherry have Life Care.

They often talked about long-range plans, and how they would manage living in their family home if either of them ever needed long-term health care. They didn’t like the idea of keeping up with homeownership costs while also facing the costs of assisted living or skilled nursing – or the prospect of running back and forth between the home and the health center. It was, in fact, Monica who suggested they look into Life Care at Arbor Oaks. As soon as they did, they knew they could resolve their concerns. Living at Arbor Oaks would mean health services within an easy walk across the building, and manageable costs, too. They learned they would pay an equalized rate for assisted living, skilled nursing or memory support instead of the high market rate for the same care. With costs under control, and their estate protected with the 90% refundable entrance deposit, they saw they could indulge in all their plans unencumbered by worry. “We realized if we ever needed it, we’d get guaranteed access to the best long-term care in the area,” Chuck added.

Life Care FAQs

 Do I own my Independent Living apartment home?
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Live carefree.

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