A New Adventure- Former Mayor of Bryan now calls Arbor Oaks home

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A New Adventure- Former Mayor of Bryan now calls Arbor Oaks home

A New Adventure- Former Mayor of Bryan now calls Arbor Oaks home

Ron and Ruth Blatchley recently made the move to Arbor Oaks at Crestview in Bryan. From day one, the pair had a hard time moving through the community without getting stopped multiple times by folks who recognized them from their long-standing service to the city and other local organizations.

Ron is most recognizable to locals after serving as Mayor of Bryan from 1983 to 1985, as well as serving on the city council for a number of years. Prior to his work in politics, he was in higher education for over 20 years, most notably working as the Director of Student Affairs at Texas A&M University and the Dean of Student Activities at North Texas State University. Ruth held an active role in the Women’s Club of Bryan for many years making her highly recognizable as well.

Ron obtained his bachelor’s and master's degrees from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville and has been active in making various improvements on the campus. The couple were named as significant donors to the campus Bell Tower and also provided a clock in the Alumni Garden. Both Ron and Ruth were named Distinguished Alumni in 2006.

While there are many labels one could use to describe the Blatchleys, descriptions like entrepreneurs, philanthropic, or civically engaged, likely the most appropriate label would be adventurous.

Never afraid to “go for it,” the couple engaged in multiple successful business ventures over the years. From co-owning a construction company, BMB Homes in Bryan/College Station, to formerly owning a dozen McDonalds in the area from 1985 to 2005, they have never backed down from a challenge. Ron explained, “I grew up in a large, poor family with few success stories. As a result of crawling up the ladder from the      bottom, I’ve always had a thirst for commerce and entrepreneurship.”

Perhaps the best illustration of their adventurous spirit is when Ron, 68 years old at the time, signed up to compete in the popular TV series, Survivor. The opportunity went so far as a trip to Santa Monica, California where Ron was sequestered by television executives as they vetted him and others as possible competitors for the reality show. In the end, his opportunity fell short when they learned of his six bypasses. Although he was consistently power-walking six to eight miles and biking 30 miles, the executives felt the risk was too great. Ron quipped, “I told them my heart doctor had given me a clean bill of health and anyway, wouldn’t a heart attack on the show be exciting?”

In 2023, the pair decided it was time for their next adventure, downsizing! Once the task of shrinking their belongings into an apartment sized collection was complete, they moved into Arbor Oaks and never looked back.” We decided we needed to prepare for whatever the future holds. After looking at the options in the Bryan/College Station area, it was obvious that Arbor Oaks was where we needed to be. After some adjustment from single family living to apartment living, we have loved it here at Arbor Oaks,” shared Ron. Ruth chimed in, “Arbor Oaks offers everything we need and then some. The staff is great and very friendly, as are the other residents. We are proud to call Arbor Oaks home!”



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