A Woodworking Story Through the Years

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A Woodworking Story Through the Years

A Woodworking Story Through the Years


Arbor Oaks at Crestview resident, David Zipps, has always enjoyed woodworking. During these times of staying home and staying safe, his woodworking talent has provided him a unique way to pass the time. Spending hours in the Arbor Oaks woodshop, David has crafted a box truck during the covid-19 time.


I had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Zipps for a private showing of his woodworking collection, which includes many model trucks, a few model golf carts, a music box he crafted for his wife, and even a grandfather clock that spent 24, that’s right ---twenty-four --- years in the making. He shared with me his woodworking story to pass along to you.


The Story Begins...

At the young age of 8, David became interested in woodworking. He doesn’t recall the first project he ever created, but does remember crafting a coffee table as one of his earliest projects. He married and had children with his lovely wife, Betty (who cherishes all of his projects that decorate their home at Arbor Oaks).  Early on, he promised himself that someday when he retired, he would have his own air-conditioned workshop. He did just that, and was able to carry that retirement dream of a great woodshop to his home at Arbor Oaks!


The Back Story…

David orders plans for his projects from Toys and Joys, and builds his models with their instruction. His projects are handcrafted from maple and walnut. He has crafted a variety of projects, from Texas hot plates to wooden fire trucks, to a box truck model with a ladder that raises. He has only painted two of his models; the rest are finished with a rub on varnish. Display cabinets in his home showcase his talent as they are adorned with models he has crafted. When he isn’t passing time woodworking, you can find him on the golf course on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.


The Best Part of the Story...

On a road trip in their early years, David and Betty Zipps stopped off at a grandfather clock store where they purchased a clock supply kit. For a little while, David set up shop in their living room, pulling out his equipment and supplies each time he wanted to work on the clock. After a few times of his wife teasing him about all the sawdust in the living room, he tucked this project away- for 24 years-until he completed it when he finally built his very own woodshop. That grandfather clock now sits in their living room at their home at Arbor Oaks at Crestview.


By: Taylor Lindley, MRC Community Outreach Liaison


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