COVID19 Update - 03/23/2020

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COVID19 Update - 03/23/2020

COVID19 Update - 03/23/2020

To our residents, family members, and staff;

With the rapid spread of COVID-19 in the area, our teams have been preparing for the possibility of a positive case in our building. On Saturday, March 21st, a short-term rehabilitation patient entered our skilled nursing and rehabilitation area with no fever or other COVID-19 symptoms. Within hours, this patient began presenting symptoms consistent with COVID-19 and was immediately sent to a local hospital. Tests came back the following evening that this patient was positive for COVID-19. Due to our team’s proactive preparedness, we were able to put our practiced and measured protocols in place, including the following actions:

  • We have notified public health as required and are following procedures recommended by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC);
  • In accordance with CDC recommendations, we have sanitized all surfaces with which this patient may have come into contact;
  • All patients currently residing in the rehabilitation area of our community have been isolated to their rooms;
  • We sent all staff that came in contact with this patient home for a period of isolation until it is safe to return to work; and
  • We have implemented universal use of facemasks for any staff working in the affected area.

Please keep in mind that our teams are working diligently to protect our community against an enemy that is invisible. We hope that this is our final dealing with COVID-19, but the data suggests otherwise. Therefore, we will remain vigilant to implement every guidance by federal and state agencies while also constantly evaluating any additional measures that we can take to protect resident and staff safety.

We hope that this occurrence will prompt you to reaffirm your commitment to social distancing, hand washing, and limiting your exposure outside of your residence to lower the probability that our community will see COVID-19 within our doors again. We too will hold steady to our commitment to all prevention measures as well. Our world is learning more about proper COVID-19 measures every day, and so are we. That is why we are maintaining a document that details all of the actions taken by our organization to prevent the spread. Please continue to check www.mrcaff.org/news regularly to understand how our approach evolves with the duration of this pandemic.

While our enemy COVID-19 is invisible, the care and dedication of this community to one another is clear to see. On behalf of the Crestview team to residents and families, we are so honored to serve you. And to our hardworking, dedicated staff, I am so honored to serve alongside you.

Matthew Currie
Regional Vice President of Operations

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