Family Expresses Appreciation for 21 Years of Extraordinary Service

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Family Expresses Appreciation for 21 Years of Extraordinary Service

Family Expresses Appreciation for 21 Years of Extraordinary Service

Dear Crestview Family,

The family of Elizabeth Blaschke would like to express our appreciation to you and the entire staff of Crestview Retirement Community for the extraordinary services provided to our mom, grandmother, great-grandmother, and aunt. It is hard to imagine anyone living in a skilled nursing facility for 21 years. It is even harder to imagine living 21 years in a skilled nursing facility without any complaint. The nurses and aides that took care of Elizabeth were outstanding, consistently demonstrating loving care, kindness, and compassion. We also recognize and thank the many Crestview volunteers who spent time ministering to Elizabeth. How she loved to take part in the many activities at Crestview, especially bingo!

We especially appreciate that mom was treated with such respect and dignity, even during the more difficult times in her life. The Crestview staff were so attentive to her during her last days and were truly saddened when they knew her life was short. Their respect and love for Elizabeth was obvious during her last day at Crestview, I noticed several members of the staff stop by to say goodbye to her. They were so sweet to do so.

The nurses and aides working the night that Elizabeth passed paid a special tribute to her as she was taken from the building. They lined up in the lobby and had the song, "Mansion Over the Hilltop," playing as Elizabeth left the building. That was special.

It is difficult to list the numerous members of Crestview staff who took care of Elizabeth so well for fear of leaving out somebody. However, it is also difficult not to mention those who cared for her for so long and especially near the end of her life. So, I would like to thank both Mike, Gary, Rebecca, Sharon, Cassandra, Kathy, Nicole, Pam, Minnie, and Augustine. I know there were so many others over the past 21 years who should be listed as well.

Simply put, words simply cannot express the gratitude we have for you and your staff at Crestview for all you did for Elizabeth. She could not have had better care. Living 21 years at Crestview clearly proves that point.

Thanks so much again to you and your staff for taking care of Elizabeth.


Joseph D. Blaschke

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