Filling Dad’s Shoes

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Filling Dad’s Shoes

Filling Dad’s Shoes

In the late 1970’s, Wilma Sims, the Director of Nurses at Moody House in Galveston, MRC’s first community ever, was consulting with her son, Mike Sims, about his career path. As a young man, Mike wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to do yet, so his mother’s urging to come and work at Moody House as the Business Office Manager seemed like a pretty good option. Soon, the aspiring professional found himself enamored with working with seniors and the opportunity to care for others. So much so, that he decided to obtain his Healthcare Administrator’s License to solidify a growth path in the industry. Once licensed, he was asked by the leadership at MRC to move to Crestview in Bryan, MRC’s second property, which was still considered new at the time. Still growing in his career, one might say that Mike cut his teeth at Crestview before eventually growing to take on many other roles in senior housing, even becoming the Chief Operating Officer for a large non-profit in Texas for the bulk of his career.

With a grandmother and father both with well-established careers in aging services, it came as no surprise that Mike’s youngest son, David, chose to follow in their footsteps. David’s career took off in 2010 when, inspired by his father, he also obtained his Healthcare Administrator's license. However, David would say that his draw to the role began as a young child when he would visit his father at work and see the difference he was making in people’s lives. “I just knew that this was the right career path for me from a very early age,” David explained. After working in the business for approximately ten years, a call came from a former colleague, now working for MRC, asking if he would be interested in applying to take on the role of Healthcare Administer at Crestview. A couple of interviews later, and David had a job offer in hand. David recalled, “I reached out to my dad and we both laughed at the irony that I would be taking his old job, only 45 years later.”

Mike was recently honored at the annual LeadingAge Texas conference when he was presented the 2023 Life Membership award, one of the non-profit’s highest awards.

George Linial, President & CEO of LeadingAge Texas presents Mike with the 2023 Life Membership award.  

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