How to Build a Relationship with the Staff at your Senior Living Community

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How to Build a Relationship with the Staff at your Senior Living Community

How to Build a Relationship with the Staff at your Senior Living Community

I was touring with a family the other day, who had just started their journey of looking for care for their father-in-law. A lovely man, who at 85 years old, was beginning to have some challenges. He is fiercely independent, and lives in a very nice old house. His family; however, lives 3 hours away. Where does one start? Do your homework. Don’t be swayed by the pretty buildings. It’s more important, to find out who is taking care of your Dad. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of your “tour guide” about staffing. How long have they been there, and how long has their Administrator been there?

Here at MRC Crestview, those answers mean everything to families. When I can tell them that we have staff members who have been with us for 27 years, most are just amazed. Our Administrator, Mike Adams, has been with Crestview for 25 years. We have multiple staff members with that type of longevity. Again, who has their hands on your father?

How do you build a Relationship with the people that are caring for your loved ones?

The tips below will assist you in building relationships with the people who will be directly caring for your loved one at his or her Senior Living Community:

1. Take a moment to introduce yourself

Visit often. The staff at Crestview will soon become your “eyes and ears” for finding out the daily routine that your loved one is experiencing. Get to know all of the team members, evening shift as well as the day shift. They will soon know you by name. This is the beauty of living in a smaller community. Everyone gets to know you, and you are treated like family. Make sure they know that they can contact you if needed, and that you are interested and available to answer questions.

2. Become a Crestview Volunteer

At Crestview, we have a group of Crestview Volunteers who have been serving our residents for over 50 years. They welcome new family members. With the unexpected “free time” you are going to have, you’ll welcome the chance to interact with your loved one, while helping others. You will find volunteering to be a welcome and rewarding experience that will certainly bless you.

3. Give us a positive review

Social media is important. It may have helped you find our community. Leaving a positive review will help others, as they begin their journey. Follow our community on Facebook and share our posts with your family. It doesn’t take long to leave a brief review, and it will help boost the awareness of the community. It can also be a big boost to the team members that are taking care of your loved ones. You can find Crestview on Facebook, give us a like!

-Eva Hutton, MRC Crestview Associate Executive Director

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