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The various common areas and amenities at Arbor Oaks are often used for multiple purposes. The team there have become experts at resetting rooms to host any number of activities or meetings. But one space was recently transformed in a way that holds great significance to one family.

Rev. Gary Adams has been the Chaplain at the Bryan community for 16 years. He was approached by his twin grandsons, Caden and Camden Adams, both 16-years-old, about baptizing them, following their decision to follow Christ. Rev. Gary was all too happy to fulfill the boys' request. The next thing to discuss was when and where the baptism should take place. After some thought, it was unanimous, the celebration would take place at Arbor Oaks, a place that held great significance to the pair. Not only has their grandpa served as the Chaplain for 16 years, but their father, Mike Adams, serves as the Executive Director, working for the community for over 26 years. The community has been a consistent place of joy and connection their entire lives. “The residents are like family to us, and this place is like a second home to the boys,” explained Mike.

Despite the chilly weather and consistent sprinkles of rain, many residents were eager to stand poolside as witnesses to the boys’ proclamation of faith. Following the baptism, the onlookers got some unexpected entertainment when the teens challenged Rev. Gary to a swimming race. Of course, the overly competitive 81-year-old didn’t back down, even diving below the water still wearing his glasses. When the boys tell their version, they simply explain that they won the race. When Rev. Gary tells his version of the story, he explains that they only won because the water blinded his path leaving him disadvantaged.  

While we’ve seen a meeting space transformed into a concert hall, a conference room transformed into a craft space, or a living room transformed into a exercise class, seeing the pool used as a baptistry might be the most spectacular amenity transformation yet. It seems appropriate that Camden and Caden requested that the pool be transformed to a baptistry for the day to mirror the transformation that has occurred in their own lives as their journey in faith continues.


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