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"We are so thankful we moved to Arbor Oaks"

“We are so thankful we moved to Arbor Oaks”
Jeane McGowen, Arbor Oaks Resident

Right Time for Us

My husband and I became residents of Arbor Oaks six years ago at age 84 and 88. Even though we thought we could continue living in our home, we felt that it was time for us to move to Arbor Oaks. My husband's mother had lived at Crestview from 1979 until her death in 1985, and we were so pleased with the care and love shown to her. His sister was one of the first residents of the new Crestview skilled nursing, and again, we were pleased with the care she received.

Awesome Amenities

Additionally, I have been a member of the Crestview Volunteers since my retirement in 1986; so, I was aware of all of the things that are offered to residents at Crestview. Also, our daughter and son have said many times since our move to Arbor Oaks that they are so thankful that we made the move. They are pleased with all that Crestview offers and that we are happy here.

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